California Biohazard Cleanup Narrative

This is a California biohazard cleanup website page. It exists to inform California residents about consumer fraud in the biohazard cleanup business. This page has links to more biohazard cleanup pages and on at least one of these pages there is information for doing biohazard cleanup in the home.

After death cleanup fraud by California county employees exposed.

What if your county employees referred you to:

  1. A telephone company?
  2. A car dealer?
  3. Their own California family business?

Numbers 1 and 2, they don't; number 3, they do .. It's about your money and who gets it following your terrible loss -- you or them? Call Eddie Evans now for an honest, guaranteed telephone quote. Try to sum up your description of the questions found by tapping questions for biohazard cleanup callers.

Below I focus on Orange County, California because it's my county of residence in which I do business as biohazard cleanup. Some 14 years ago I began researching the level of county employee cronyism with biohazard cleanup companies in the county. Today, February 2, 2015, the same monopoly continues. It does not matter how many web sites I or anyone else uses to advertise their biohazard cleanup business in Orange County, Los Angeles County, or anywhere else in these United States of America; they're all corrupted by county employees' cronyism. Our country now ranks right along with the worse of the "banana republics."

Orange County government employees in the coroner, medical examiner, department steal from victims' families. They are not alone. This type of theft related to death administration takes place over our entire United States. Crime scene cleanup monopolies grew along with government legislation to halt the spread of blood born pathogens. They have a fail safe incentive. One, there's tens of thousands of dollars for the tiny fraction of county employees stealing from families.

Here's how California's county employees get away with biohazard cleanup fraud:

  • Sheriffs remain ignorant
  • Sheriffs ignore the cronyism
  • Sheriffs joined the crime wring
  • Sheriffs involved in the crime wring have no way out
  • Sheriffs involved must protect the crime wring or be found out


Not only I, but local police officers in their black-and-white patrol cars must now wonder why they never, ever, see me on a death scene in Cypress or elsewhere in Orange County. A little deductive logic clarifies the county coroner employees' monopoly for them, too. I'm not alone in this crime scene investigation of county employees, my dear Holmes. (return)

More, the inevitability of cleaning after homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths gave at least one Orange County employee a bright idea. Start a company for biohazard cleanup related issues and by using coroner and county administrator (public guardian too) contacts. Combine these with vitims' families and, presto, money begins to roll in well ahead of bi-monthly paychecks.

County employees' illegal monopoly over biohazard cleanup, blood cleanup, became inevitable, then; there's simply too much money in the homeowners' policies and ready-made prospects for gouging. It's that civil servant employees have first contact with homicide, suicide, and unattended death person's families. This is the stuff of a biohazard cleanup company.

Common decency dictates that only honest people can serve the public as civil servants. Now you know from one in the after death cleanup business for over 15 years, Eddie Evans (, Cypress, California.

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Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Bloodborne pathogen training has a federal law standing behind it. Its purpose arose with the spread of bloodborne pathogens like hepatitis C and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Do not pay for biohazard cleanup training. See my web site: crime-scene-cleanup-certification.


What's California's County Civil Servants to Become Thieves?

California homeowners Insurance companies motivate government employee biohazard cleanup corruption throughout California's county governments. Homeowners insurance affords outlandish biohazard cleanup fees in California. It's like a fire sale. Therefore, California's county employees gain by sending families to their own company or a company for a kickback. Kickback means money received for sending a "prospect" to a cooperating company.

This behavior creates a biohazard cleanup industry monopoly all over our United States, like a banana republic. (return)

As it goes, not many of California's county employees would find it worth their while to risk exposure. Exposure for a finders fee without the big bucks from homeowners insurance would not make sense. At least this is my logic.

A side note, it seems to me that the Internal Revenue folks, besides the FBI, should be looking into all of this protest I'm creating. California would make a fine place to investigate biohazard cleanup fraud at the local level and move on up to the county DA, Board of Supervisors, Sheriff, Coroner, and other offices, like the public guardian's office.

In California it seems that most if not all of the rank-and-file police officers remain clear of this most proto-fascist sort of enterprise. It's near the top that I would expect to find law enforcement officers seeking that 10% finder's fee; after all, they've been around Orange County Sheriff's employees longer than those new to their department. This speculation does little good for families, though. I do wonder if the leading law enforcement officers give much thought to corruption in their own ranks, like in the homicide office? (Yes, I wrote "proto-fascist" because that's what it means when biohazard cleanup companies work with local government monopolies government employees control one day to the next.)

Make no mistake about it, that 10% finder's fee get big and grows quickly. My experience as a biohazard cleanup company broker on the Internet paid fairly decent rewards un till county employees finally gobbled up about 98% of the after death cleanup work and finder's fees.

Readers will have surmised by this point this I, Eddie Evans, lost out on two businesses; one, my own biohazard cleanup business, which never did well in Orange County, California anyway. And two, my broker business that I started on the Internet. From
Florida to California I found work for independent companies and probably some of the thieving liars connected to civil servants.

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My Prices

Because I cannot overcome county employee monopoly over biohazard cleanup, any kind of biohazard cleanup, I must travel.

My prices vary state to state. You will understand that I must charge more to clean in Utah than I do in San Diego, California. Just the same, you may still save money by using my services for your Utah biohazard cleanup needs. After you make a search of the Internet and have all of your quotes in place, ensure that my competitors agreed to abide by email quotations. I said a not to exceed price when agreeing to do a biohazard cleanup.

You will have given me a fair description of your cleanup needs for the scene. You will have agreed to a price. I will agree not to exceed the given price. I also agree that all of my work is guaranteed in that I am duty-bound to return and make things right. If for some reason I have in some way errored, count on having me make it right.

My prices are reasonably set so that I can make a decent profit while family members are relieved of their stressful situation following a violent death, or unattended death. I have over 11 years of biohazard cleanup experience. This includes different types of death cleanup, including accidental death cleanup. I am bonded and insured for biohazard cleanup, which is another term related to biohazard cleanup.


My Services

As I said, I guarantee my price and I guarantee my work in writing before work begins. You know before my work begins what my price guarantee remains because it is written on email, which will serve as a contract in small claims court. So long as signatures, time, place date work to be performed and agreed up Ron price are present, a contract will exist. In this way my customers are always ensured to receive what they pay for. Many times I will try to add value to my work as a way of saying "thank you."

I remove biohazardous materials.
I remove solid waste.once categorize as biohazardous material.
I scrub and rinse repeatedly to ensure a cleanly prepared pre--sanitized area.
I sanitize with variations of bleach and water and various cleaning solution.
I seal once blood and other potentially infectious materials soiled areas.
I use top-of-the-line paint sealers, cement sealers, and natural stone sealers.
I use Ozone as needed.
I use fogging equipment as its needs are indicated.

My clients receive an explanation for what I will do. They know before hand what to expect. If ever there are changes in required work, and these changes add to my expenses, I absorb the costs. Because I have worked for over 15 years in this business I know it well.

If for some reason I cannot do a job for available funds, I will help respective clients do their own cleaning, their own biohazard cleanup work. In fact, I will direct prospective clients to biohazard cleanup pages with pictures and instructions for cleaning up blood. I also have a web site called "do-it-yourself blood cleanup." So while my business is biohazard cleanup and making money helping people clean after homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths with decomposition, I also have a desire to help even when I will not profit from giving information. So do call even if you do not have money. It is important for me to help those in need of this very special type of cleaning at a very terrible point in callers life experiences.


Biohazard Removal

Every biohazard cleanup business has a mission, cleanup biohazard's in homes and businesses. This material includes wet blood, moist blood, crime, flaky blood, or mixtures of all three. Included with blood in these three states, other infectious materials present during biohazard cleanup of a crime scene require time and patience. When a great quantity of blood or other potentially infectious material have heavily saturated furnishings like couches and armchairs, mattresses, and even carpet and carpet padding, care must be taken to disinfect the offending materials from those materials now soiled.

We call "solid waste" that part of furniture left unsoiled by blood and other potentially infectious materials. It's the same with clothing; although one shoe remains unsoiled and the other soiled, they both become solid waste once the soiled shoe no longer presents a biohazard risk to folks due to receive these solid waste materials.

Not all biohazard soiled materials receive cleaning. In fact, much of my work entails demolition. I demolish furniture, mattresses, and carpet. In short, I make decisions and I destroy. Sometimes I save materials that allow for a thorough cleaning and disinfection. Of course, these materials are usually nonporous.

Part of a biohazard cleanup job requires dissecting biohazard waste from those materials known as solid waste. Solid waste remains uncontaminated by blood and other potentially infectious materials, although it may contain a heavy concentration of blood and death fragrances. If for some reason a cleaner wishes to seal over these odors, or place these materials permeated by odors, then large black bags will do the trick. Large plastic bags from Home Depot used for construction work well with biohazard cleanup tasks. Of course, biohazardous materials often require a red bag as an outer bag to signify its biohazard cleanup nature.

Large objects like couches and mattresses free of their death scene contents, can most often go into a landfill. Just as any other objects might go into a landfill. Items soaked with blood or dried blood should not go into a landfill. Unless a landfill has a special process for handling biohazard materials. Some landfills set a side a special time of week for handling "hard to handle materials," and other noxious, but non-hazardous materials.

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Hazardous Materials Versus Biohazardous Materials

Hazardous materials may include biohazardous materials, but rarely do biohazardous materials contain hazardous materials, although they may, under certain conditions.

Usually when we think of hazardous materials. We think of paint, asbestos, oil, gasoline, and other products of industrial manufacturing. When biohazard's come into contact with these materials, these hazardous materials also become no one as biohazardous materials. Quite often, blood and other potentially infectious materials in contact with many hazardous materials lose their biological nature. Then they are no longer considered biohazardous.

But what about the encroachment of oil onto an accident scene heavily soiled by human, wet blood. In these cases we handle it. He wet blood as we normally do, which may involve using paper towels or wet dry vacuums. For the remaining blood and oil mixture, disposal in a well contained oil from should neutralize any blood-borne pathogens in the blood.



Homeowners and businesses should know that the sanitary sewer, also known as toilets and sinks, leading to a sewage containment and power plant serve as blood disposal points. It happens that once blood makes contact with the many tens of thousands, no, tens of millions of bacteria for every square inch or two in sewage, blood-borne pathogens have little chance of surviving long enough to reproduce in this extremely hostile environment.

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Destruction Upon Entrance

I see no good reason to give blood-borne pathogens. A second chance to exist in an environment in which I must work. Therefore, upon entering the death scene, I may spray a strong bleach solution onto blood soiled materials. I take care not to splash blood or my solution.

I may use a fine spray, or I may use a strong spray to saturate the area with the intention of causing a mass death to blood-borne pathogens. At other times I'll place paper towels upon a floor or other horizontal surface soiled by wet, moist, or dry flaky blood. And then I so these paper towels, but I do not overwhelm them so that they become a transportation device for soiled blood migrate across the floor or table.

At times I'll use a fogger and in this way create a fog-like cloud, moisten entire room surface. At these times. I often use hydrogen peroxide to highlight those areas soiled by blood and other infectious materials. You would be surprised by materials highlighted in this way.

It seems that death by knife in death by high velocity objects may cause blood to spray in a distance hard to see pattern. At these times a fine fog of hydrogen peroxide helps locate offending materials. And just as important, hydrogen peroxide begins the decontamination process. Because when I clean.

I decontaminate when I first enter a death scene, when I began moving materials, when I began cleaning materials, and I continued decontaminating as I destroyed materials. It is my hope that by the time I complete my job I have decontaminated the worst materials in number of times.

By the time I begin placing once blood soiled objects into plastic bags. I find that some of these materials are no longer a risk as carriers of blood-borne pathogens. And in those cases when some blood soiled objects remain heavily soiled by blood, I may find ways to dilute this blood in them bleach it out.

But both you and I must remain prepared to handle those objects, objects, which cannot pass as anything but biohazardous materials. There are only so many cleaning methods available to the crime scene cleaner and at some point he/she must cry, "uncle."

On my way out of a death scene. I tried to use rubbing alcohol from a spray bottle. I keep paper towels handy to remove any small smears of blood that I may have missed earlier. I spray doors and door handles and clean these with paper towels.

Paper towels. I used for cleaning blood in this way, go into a triple line plastic bag. In this bag, I poured beer bleach. I pour enough bleach to soak the blood soiled towels, but not so much that they cannot drive within a day or two. I have found this way of decontaminating blood soiled paper towels inexpensive, efficient, and hygienic. During those times when only a few paper towels are used for blood cleanup, placing them in a working toilet serves as the quickest and best disposal method, besides the cheapest.

Those materials that I cannot control as biohazard's I must place in a freezer where professional transport company to transport for their destruction. I do not charge my customers for this service. I receive a more than reasonable price from Stericycle to handle my biohazard ways. When it comes to getting the job done Stericycle has the resources and has friendly people.

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Questions for biohazard cleanup callers.

  1. What city did this death scene take place?
  2. Was the crime, suicide, or unattended death in a bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, living room, basement, or elsewhere?
  3. How long was decedent down?
  4. Was a weapon used and what type if you know.
  5. How would you like to pay? Cash, check, Visa, Master Card, American Exchange, other?
  6. Are you calling for a family or business?
  7. Are you the responsible party -- The party paying and ensuring that your quality expectations are met must doe their part.

How did blood cleanup become biohazard cleanup?

The United States Centers for Disease Control designated human blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) related to human blood as biohazardous. It did so because of the spread of human immunodeficiency and hepatitis C. Because a needlestick in hospital settings the spread of HIV and hepatitis C increased in number, especially in hospital settings. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration became the administrator and enforcer for regulations related to workplace controls for blood-borne pathogen training. This blood-borne pathogen training is the gateway to the biohazard cleanup business.

Employers must have certification for each employee that comes in contact with human blood or may reasonably be expected to somehow be in the area of human blood. That's all biohazard cleanup became a notorious occupation because blood-borne pathogens needlestick. Of course we can see how the biohazard cleanup business has become notoriously exaggerated as far as threats to worker health and safe to euros. Just the same, one day viruses like Ebola will become more common and biohazard cleanup will require extreme measures for worker safety.

It's important to keep in mind that families may do their own blood cleanup. Just the same, blood cleanup should be done carefully because it is after all, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control, biohazard cleanup. My biohazard page has more on the nature biohazard cleanup. My walking page has information too. Here's my California crime scene cleanup page.